Writing a first book

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Writing a Book

What are Information Systems: Development and Use

OK, so i know what you're probably thinking. Information Systems as a topic is hardly going to compete with Harry Potter or Fifty Shades. And you'd be right, it won't. But when you get the spark of creativity, a plan can be quickly drawn up to help make a decision about the idea, taking into consideration the practicalities, length of time needed and the amount of attention a project like this will take.

But the reasons I'm not doing it: the fame, adoration improved hefty bank balance. They would be nice, but I can't see writing a book about Information Systems bringing any of those three about.

The reasons I am doing this project: I want to produce a resource that is so useful to students studying this area that it covers every issue in the field of Information Systems. Reading and teaching in the field at present has shown me that there are some good texts that cover some topics, but there is no one text to cover all isues. I want to create a text that is up-to-date, relevant, useful and helpful.

I'll put up some updates each month to let you in on how the project is progressing.

Inspiration, Commitment, Execution

Make a Plan; See it Through

Inspiration comes at unexpected moments. Some of the best ideas may stay that way because the commitment and execution do not match the inital inspiration.

My inspiration comes through teaching; a lot of my ideas are education based and serve an educational basis. In writing, I fulfill two ambitions:
1. I create a resource that is classroom based and meets the needs of students;
2. In writing, I fulfill an ambition that has been through a number of iterations.

Writing a book takes planning, research, effort, commitment and consistency. The fact that I am teachnig this subject gives me a double reason to research the topic and creates a resource that is meeting the needs of my students.

Writing an Academic Book Without an Academic Price

Academic books cost a lot of money. I’m not about to launch an angry tirade against book publishers – they ave a business to run and I know from experience it’s a constant struggle to ensure a meaningful cash flow. I also want to reduce the cost and iron fence that curently exists around Higher Education.

We are now in a digital era where many of the traditional rules are being re-written. I intend for this book to be made available to students with the purpose of it being a resource that does not sit in a similar price bracket as some books I have researched.

The Summary

I’m excited about the prospect of writing. The topic material is intersting to me because it applies the programming and strategic knowledge of IT projects while placing a real world value on the skills being taught.

I will update my site here regularly with progress and my own thoughts on the research and writing process.


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