I'll try not to rub this in...

Why, hello there!

How has your summer been?

Probably like mine – great while it lasted, but those six weeks seemed to disappear oh, so, quickly!

I’ve truthfully had a great summer, and while the time off work has been great for rest, recovery, relaxation and spending time with my family, the mind has been thinking up many new areas of interest for study. The most notable part of this has been a clear desire to start studying again…but due to time-specific work commitments, I will delay any particular decision on this until 2019 at the earliest.

I’m excited for this new academic year! New opportunities, new initiatives in college and new classes!

There will be more posted here soon!

Michael Johnston

About Michael Johnston

Michael is a Lecturer and Foundation Degree Director in Computing for the Northern Regional College in Northern Ireland. He is an avid supporter of technology enhanced learning, instructional learning design and blended learning. Michael has worked in a range of different roles in IT-from teaching roles to running his own web design company, Michael is equally at home working with theory, as he is conducting research, or building a bespoke IT solution.

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