Use this section to navigate my portfolio for CMALT

This sub-section of my website is specifically focused on CMALT certification. In it, I provide insight on Operational Issues; Teaching, Learning and Assessment Processes; a View of the Wider Context; Communication; my Specialism; and Future Plans.

1. Operational Issues

Demonstrating the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

4. Communication

Demonstrating knowledge and skills in communication through working with others.

2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment Processes

Demonstrating understanding of and engagement with teaching, learning and assessment processes.

5. Specialism

Demonstrating evidence of independent practice in one or more specialist options: VLE adminstration & maintenance; producing learning materials/ content/ courseware/ supporting and tutoring learners/ research.

3. The Wider Context

Demonstrating awareness of and engagement with wider issues that informs practice.

6. Future Plans

Planning my future professional development: HE Fellowship training, PhD.

Future Plans

While this section is not assessed you must complete it. This can be as detailed as you like. The purpose of this is to help you plan for your professional development; it will also be useful when preparing to meet your continuing professional development requirement to remain in good standing.

My Future Plans and Professional Development

In my own career, I have specific goals that I would like to achieve. Some I have listed as short terms goals, others are long-term.

Short Term Goals

With regards to my short term goals, they are as follows:

  1. Complete Higher Education Academy Fellowship training. This professional development will have clear benefits to me teaching and leading on a Higher Education programme. I believe it will help my development to provide a stronger teaching experience to my students and also develop my own teaching skills.
  2. Publish research. This is connected to my overall career goals. I want to teach in university and so this is a required element for any application. There are also a number of topics I would like to explore and so there is an element of personal interest and satisfaction in this as well.

Long Term Goals

I have two long term goals.

  1. My first major long term future plan is to complete a PhD. I am at that point in my career where I believe I have built a skill base on which a PhD is a viable and appropriate action for me to be able to take the next step in my career. I would like to teach at university and so a PhD forms an essential part of the application process. Without it, there are few universities that would entertain my application – particularly were it is listed as an essential criteria.
  2. My second major long term future plan is to write a book. I am not currently researching this as I have commenced my PhD study, but there are areas that interest me: project planing, cyber security and educational technology. I intend to study an area in which I teach in Computing:ethics, cyber security or web design or a topic in education – educational technology, classroom management or Applied Behaviour Analysis in the classroom.