Exchange Church Belfast – Internal Renovation

By 22/09/2017 September 25th, 2017 Web Design

Exchange Church Belfast is the church I attend.  Recently I have taken on responsibility for the church website and social media accounts. Our churhc website is set up with Squarespace, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Squarespace as far as creating great looking websites goes. However,  our site needs to go beyond beautiful, we need something with more substance.

We have a lot of information on our site, and as such, managing it requires the proper system in place to manage the information correctly and for this purpose, Squarespace just doesn’t meet our requirements. Also, being a church, we want people to be able to access teaching content in a way that is structured and sensible.

To solve this, I will be starting to renovate the site – there won’t be much to change by way of layout and structure, most of the work will go on behind the scenes. This change is needed so that we can put in place the right structure to manage growth and make a system that allows content delivery more manageable and easier for the user.

Michael Johnston

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I'm a Lecturer in Computing and the Foundation Degree Director in Computing for the Northern Regional College in Northern Ireland. My research interests in the areas of technology enhanced learning, how we interact with technology, blended learning and professional development. Michael currently specialises in the computing areas of web development technologies, cyber security, software development and IoT. Michael has worked in a range of different roles in IT-from teaching roles to running his own web design company, Michael is equally at home working with theory, as he is conducting research, or building a bespoke IT solution. Michael is currently studying a PhD in Cyberpsychology.

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