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Plain Sailing?

It seems like every good ‘overnight success story’ is years in the making. And mine is no different, years of toiling in the dark have brought my career to a point where everything I’ve worked on in coming to fruition and within my career, I feel like I’m just getting started…

Window Dressing?

Window dressing looks good – because it’s designed that way. The research and planning that goes into this process is normally unseen, but it’s always there.

I’ve learned the hard way that while style can get you in the door, it’s the substance that keeps your seat at the table.

Not Always Quick, but Effective

My recent love affair with cycling has taught me once again that there is no challenge that cannot be defeated. Whether it’s a 180km Gran Fondo endurance challenge, or taking on a new challenge in work, keeping those legs turning the pedals is the surest way to get through the problem.

“Design is not just what it looks and feels like, design is how it works.”

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My Skill Set


Whether it’s a logo for your newly established company or a complete rebrand, I have experience of delighting both types of client with design that highlights the unique nature of your organisation and allows you to move forward with new confidence in a spectacular representation of your company.

Information Systems

Getting information systems right can be difficult. Which is probably why few people do it. My developmental system explores your requirements and makes it possible to re-imagine data that is accurate, valid, and dependable.


This works hand-in-glove- with my day job. A data-driven and empirical approach means that every decision I make is based on proof that is tangible. This can be applied to market research, customer satisfaction or employee happiness but the result is always the same – a data-driven and empirical basis on which to make an informed decision.


Projects can fail for a number of reasons. I follow the Agile methodology of project planning but am adept to switch to the type that suits your company best, because that is when people do their best – when they work to their strengths.


Responsive web design is standard. But what does it mean? it means you design your message to fit the device your audience is on, desktop, mobile, tablet, or game screen, the result should be the same: a flawless designed message of your organisation to reach your audience where they are.


A a current recipient of the Udacity-Google scholarship in App Design, I work to the current standards set by an industry leader. Your app may be for a niche market or something for the masses, no matter the intended result, my design is industry approved, affirmed by a data-driven approach and managed by error-free project management skills.

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